Bridging The Digital Skills Gap

October 13, 2016

The tech industry is experiencing a skills gap crisis. Other research has focused on perceptions of recruiters and hiring managers, but this research goes back further into schools to understand what young people think about the tech industry and how this plays out in education.

The skills gap. It’s a well-documented issue and a challenge that everyone faces in the tech industry. How has it happened, when did it start and what can we do to heal it? These are all questions we’ve been asking ourselves and ones we went directly to our schools with to see what’s happening at a grass roots level.

As digital natives, teenagers might have grown up with technology but do they really know how it works? Are they even interested? Do they know where to find out more if they were? The future of tech is dependent on the next workforce so it’s vital that we understand how this next generation views the industry and what we can do to better position ourselves.

Click here for full report: Digital Skills Gap.

Infogram from ShowTech the tech assessments platform showing statistics from national research into teenagers' perceptions of the tech industry.

ShowTech (formerly Technically Compatible/Tungl) the tech assessments platform created the infographic. Insights supported by Codecademy and One Month, we hope this research goes someway to informing the industry about our future generation’s attitude towards tech and helps businesses position themselves properly in order to attract more talent to the sector.

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