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February 14, 2018

The hiring process can be time consuming and at the end of it all you might not have selected the best match for the role. Here at ShowTech (changed from Technically Compatible/Tungl in 2019), we point you in the right direction to help you make the best recruitment decisions and cut screening times

There you are all dressed up. You’re looking smart, you’re excited if a little nervous, you want to make a good first impression and more than anything you want this person to be the right one.

Why should you be nervous though? You’ve done this thousands of times, you’ve gone through thousands of profiles, you’ve spent at least 8 weeks’ worth of hours in the last 12 months vetting potential candidates and hoping one of them will fit perfectly.

And yet, you sit down to have a chat, confident in their match-fitting qualities and boom! … you know it’s a lost cause. This is not the one. Back to the drawing board, and repeat.

Except this isn’t a date. It could’ve been, it is Valentine’s Day after all but re-read that introduction and think about your hiring process. It’s okay, go ahead, I’ll wait …

Sound familiar? All those hours screening, sifting through resumes, looking through profiles, conducting initial interviews, all in a bid to shortlist candidates based mainly on some well-arranged black text on a piece(s) of white paper.

It’s heart-breaking really.

So, this Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself and rather than wasting more of your precious time trying to find the right one in the wrong way, pick the right way first and make your life easier and cheaper!

Only you can say what you like and what you’re looking for but we can certainly point you in the right direction, away from the players and towards the perfect 10 (x developer).

Hey Big Spender

So you’ve taken your date to a fancy restaurant, they ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, you ended up footing the bill and that was the last you heard from them. Now, think about the time you spent wooing them in the first place to reach that point, and relate that to the hours you’ve spent screening a candidate to get them to the interview stage. Do you know how much it’s costing you per hour? Do you know the full cost of that if you hired them? It all adds up. And if you hire the wrong person, not only do you have to repeat the process but you also need to consider the hours of lost productivity in the workplace and things only start to escalate.

Recruiting is a costly business but not as costly as getting it wrong.

The Waste of Time

You’ve gone through a lot of profiles, you’ve read all their interests. You’ve spoken to a million match making agencies but none that you receive is ticking any boxes for you. You despair. Not because you feel you’re never going to find the one, but because you seem to give so much time to the wrong ones.

We needn’t tell you how much everyone hates having their time wasted. We all do. It’s not that we mind expending time, it’s that we don’t like to do it when it’s not worth it.

You don’t want to be trawling through endless applications that are just not suitable for the role you’re hiring for. You want to be only spending time with your strongest candidates. It’s time to automate your processes, my friend. Reduce those (wo)man hours spent and significantly bring down costs by automating these processes from the offset. As soon as an application comes through, ping them an assessment, then only spend time with those that are truly the most compatible for you.

Just as an aside, one of our clients has moderate testing needs and we still save them 344 hours of phone screening time a year – that for them is a £14,000 saving. And that’s conservative!

The Catfish

YAS! There they are. Swipe right! And we’re chatting! This is incredible. You’ve done it, you’ve found the one. They’re gorgeous, they’re funny, they like the same things you like. Then you meet, and not only do they look NOTHING like their picture, you also have nothing in common. Is that even their name?

Catfishing isn’t just confined to the internet and the dating world, catfish can greatly affect your hiring game too. I could say that I’m head engineer at Apple, are you going to believe me just because I’ve put it on my CV? Of course not but what if I said I had 7 years’ senior developer experience? Maybe you would. It’s plausible and it’s what you’re looking for. Maybe you’d get me in for an interview and I could talk the talk. Then you hire me and realise, too late, that I’m not as experienced as I said I was. Or perhaps I do have 7 years’ senior developer experience but I’m just not that good.

57% of IT candidates embellish skill set on resumes and 55% enhance responsibilities.

If only there was a way to find out before you even interviewed them …

Mr(s) Right

You don’t need a 10x developer, well you might but the likelihood is you don’t need one and if you find one, they’re going to be waaay out of your league! You need the one that’s right for you. Who fits into your company and has the skills for the job. You want a person you can depend on, the one who wants to do the job you need doing. You might already know them, you may have even rejected them before, but for a different role. You see, one (wo) man’s trash is another wo (man)’s treasure.

And that’s the important bit – that they’re right for you. They might have all the skills you need but if they’re not weighted in the right way, then they’re still not going to be suitable for the job.

Your candidate assessment should be built with the role and the strategic growth of the company in mind. Weighting technologies according to their importance for instance, based at the different levels you need. It should also shortlist your candidates, so you’re not wasting your valuable time on manual work that can be automated. Safe in the knowledge that your candidates are ranked according to their compatibility to the role. And you know, today is all about heavenly match making.

The message is clear – in the era of fake news, the only answer is to make sure.

Don’t waste your time with the imitators, get yourself the real McCoy and fall in love with work again.

To find out how much screening time the ShowTech platform could save you, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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