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September 17, 2019

We chatted to Jemma, a HR Advisor at, about how using ShowTech assessments has streamlined their recruitment process and empowered the HR team to assess the technical abilities of its candidates.

Firstly though, Jemma shares with us some background on

Who is is a managed IT services provider focusing on infrastructure, operational and project requirements across the corporate enterprise market. Our global office presence extends from Aberdeen and London in the UK to Houston, Calgary and Dubai. We have a workforce of 600+ staff and contractors worldwide and continually have opportunities in challenging and rewarding roles. recruit in technical IT service roles including Service Delivery, Infrastructure, Networking, Security and Project Management.

Now we know a bit about let's find out from Jemma how they've managed to reduce their time to hire!

Let’s start with the problem

We're a global business that hires a broad range of IT roles. We must validate the technical competence of our candidates so we can be confident that when we make hires, we're providing clients with the skill sets they require.

Our previous process wasn't as slick as it could have been so we really needed a way to speed things up.

It started with a competency-based interview, to get an idea of the candidate's behavioural skills. For the candidates who passed through to the next stage, a tech expert would then be asked to carry out a technical assessment either in person or over the phone. The timing of the assessment would depend on our tech expert’s availability and schedules.

It was clear our process was not as slick as it could be, so we started researching how to streamline. We started looking into automated online assessments that would validate technical skills.

How has ShowTech helped?

Once we found ShowTech it seemed like the right solution for us, it did exactly what we wanted. We worked with the Customer Success team to create assessments for each of the different types of roles we recruit for, so as a recruitment team we could validate candidates’ tech skills.

We include the ShowTech tech assessments as part of a single-stage interview, removing the need for a separate technical interview. Candidates can take this assessment as soon as we’ve shortlisted them, removing the burden on the tech experts and it also improves the candidates experience.

ShowTech has streamlined our recruitment process, saved us time and made us more agile. We can see candidates faster and get them through the process quicker. This has reduced the overall time it takes to hire too.

Did you see any other benefits of using ShowTech?

As a recruitment team, we've found the data insights particularly useful for evaluating and analysing candidates’ skills. We can now confidently shortlist candidates, knowing they're suitable both behaviourally and technically.

Why would you recommend ShowTech?

I would recommend ShowTech because the team is always willing to help and the tool did exactly what we wanted it to do, ShowTech ticked all the boxes.

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