What does your CTO want when Hiring?

August 29, 2019

We’ve been interviewing our customers and John, ShowTech’s CTO, about how they use ShowTech tech assessments, but it also revealed some snippets of what they want when hiring tech talent.

So here we are revealing their secrets and sharing them with you…\

John Kerr, ShowTech

We couldn't tell you what a CTO wants if we didn't ask our own CTO John Kerr. Let's have a look at some key things he wants when hiring tech talent.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to hiring tech talent, John wants quality over quantity, he would much rather not hire at all than hire for the sake of filling a vacancy! John wants to find out as much as he can about the candidate before he meets them face-to-face. Online technical assessments gives him confidence in the candidates’ abilities and gives him insight into both ability and interpersonal skills. Getting to know the candidate before seeing them face-to-face means you can make the most of the interview time, asking the more telling questions.

Honesty and transparency

When John’s recruiting for the next best tech talent, he wants everyone to be honest and transparent throughout. That means discussing expectations about the role such as salary expectations from the start and letting a candidate know exactly why they were unsuccessful in the end. Being transparent from the get-go means everyone is on the same page to begin with and you can avoid costly discrepancies and wasting time later.

Read his full interview with his 6 top tips when hiring tech talent.

Dan Shavick, Softwire

Let’s move on to a good friend of ShowTech’s, Dan Shavick, Co-Founder and HR Director of Softwire. Though technically not a CTO, his company is a tech agency, so all his hires are tech and he’s responsible for the recruitment.

We spoke to Dan to find out how we’ve helped him, however he also shared insights into what he wants from the recruitment process when recruiting tech talent.


Softwire hires a lot of junior engineers, and when we say a lot, just for the 2018/2019 intake they had 3,000 applications for 28 graduate and 30 summer intern positions. So, you can imagine how long it takes to screen and interview for those positions. Dan needed a more efficient process because the 45-minute telephone interview plus the write up with his software engineers was taking too much time away from their role.

And as each technical interview over the phone, would take an hour of engineering time, and with an average cost of £100 an engineering hour, as his engineers are contracted out, you can quickly see how the costs racked up.

Quality Candidates

Whilst Dan wanted to reduce the costs and reliance on his engineers to screen and assess candidates, he still wanted to retain the quality of the technical assessment. As having quality candidates is extremely important to keep the business thriving.

As the ShowTech platform cut out the lengthy technical telephone interview, this gave them time to invite more candidates to interview. This mean they could focus on assessing other competencies whilst having confidence in the candidate’s technical abilities to do the job.

If you want to find out more on how Dan streamlined Sotfwire’s tech recruitment process have a read of our interview with him.

Tristan Phillips, Salary Finance

Tristan Phillips is Head of Engineering at Salary Finance, a FinTech in London that partners with employers to offer financial well-being benefits to their employees. We spoke to Tristan about how ShowTech improved Salary Finance’s recruitment process and helped them grow from 30 employees to 120. But find out some snippets of what he wants when hiring tech talent.

Fair and efficient

In the midst of bustling London, Tristan wanted their recruitment process to stand up to the pace of the market around them. They needed to reduce the time taken to hire so they could get the best candidates in the door quickly, without compromising on the quality of the assessments, which is why he implement ShowTech tech assessments.

Candidate experience

Tristan wanted a candidate centric recruitment process. Having been at the other side of the interview table he knew what it was like to sit in his candidates’ shoes, so he wanted to put them at the heart of the process by providing them with the clarity they needed.

For a growing company, Tristan wanted to be able to quickly assess candidates while ensuring they could provide a consistent, fair experience and our tech assessments platform gave him exactly that!

So now you know some CTO secrets, quality candidates quickly, and an efficient process to name a few. To chat more about how ShowTech's tech assessments platform can give your CTO what they want, get in touch with us today.

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