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Company Overview

Founder's Seb Hall and Nick Hargreaves whilst working for UK tech companies were struggling to find software engineers and identified that this was a common problem in the industry. Therefore in 2014, they created Cloud Employee, a UK-managed IT outsourcing company that supplies businesses with remote Software Engineers from the Philippines. The business provides a solution to the shortage of tech skills in the UK by using the Philippines tech talent pool, where there are on average 130,000 Computer Science graduates each year, compared to 25,000 in the UK.

Cloud Employee provides Software Engineers for all technologies and levels to over 100 start-ups, SMEs and large corporations. With offices in the UK, Australia and the Philippines, its client base is made up of 70% UK businesses, and 30% in Scandinavia, the US and Australia.

Cloud Employee use ShowTech's technical skills assessments to evaluate its candidates' abilities. This helps them to identify the top 5% of the Philippines tech talent pool and provide its clients with remote Software Engineers who have the digital skills they need to grow their businesses.




240 employees

Positions Hired

All levels in all technologies, specialising in Java, .NET, PHP, WordPress, & Mobile App Developers.

ShowTech saves us a lot of time throughout the recruitment process as it gives us a good indication of the candidates' knowledge and ability before we share them with our clients.

Seb Hall, Co-Founder & CFO at Cloud Employee
The Challenge

The Challenge

Cloud Employee's recruitment process had several manual steps, including the technical assessment, which included a code challenge during the interview. This was not only time-consuming, required matching up the availability of the candidate and an assessor, but also difficult to track and compare candidates scores. The recruitment team wanted a way to get more insightful candidate results and speed up the process, so they could assess more candidates, whilst ensuring a thorough technical assessment.

How we helped

ShowTech has meant Cloud Employee can automatically and thoroughly assess its candidates' technical abilities meaning they can evaluate more candidates and more effectively, speeding up its recruitment process.

ShowTech is part of Cloud Employee's extensive assessment process which starts with a background check, video interview, personality test, and then the ShowTech technical skills assessment. ShowTech reports provide objective results that the recruitment team can use to benchmark scores and compare candidate abilities. We've worked together to create assessments shaped around a wide range of technical roles which means they have been able to source a wider range of Software Engineers to provide clients with the skill sets they need to grow their businesses.

Candidate experience is another reason Cloud Employee implemented ShowTech, as they are striving to be the top employer in the Philipines and need the way it recruits to support this. Its candidates can now take the technical assessment at a time and place that suits them best, further improving the candidates' experience of its recruitment process.

I would recommend ShowTech because of the ability to customise the assessments. We've been able to test the exact skills our client wants, meaning we can provide Software Engineers that are right for them.

Seb Hall, Co-Founder & CFO at Cloud Employee
With ShowTech, Cloud Employee can confidently validate its candidates' tech skills and knowledge, helping to provide its clients with high-quality remote Software Engineers, that have the right skills for them.

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