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Company Overview

Salary Finance partners with employers to offer financial wellbeing benefits for employees that help them live healthier, happier lives.

Based in London, it has grown from 30 employees in 2017 to 120 today.

As a fast growing company, it has had to compete with some of the world's biggest brands for the best talent in the London tech talent pool.

It uses a combination of our ready-to-go and bespoke tech assessments to ensure every candidate that comes in for an interview fits their criteria and what a great team member looks like.




120 Employees

Positions Hired

Front End and C#/.NET Developers and Quality Assurance

ShowTech is a must have for any CTO who is looking to grow their tech team and who values delivering a candidate-centric process in a way which is scalable.

Tristan Phillips, Head of Engineering at Salary Finance
The Challenge

The Challenge

Filling dozens of tech roles in London over the course of a few short years is no mean feat. Salary Finance needed a reliable way of narrowing down the best candidates in the shortest amount of time so they could act with pace and confidence when it comes to hiring tech talent.

The company's recruitment goals were to reduce time to hire, provide clarity to clients, and ensure they had a fair and consistent assessment process.

How we helped

Salary Finance use our online assessments to screen candidates for each of the Front End, C#/.NET and Quality Assurance roles they have to fill. They use a combination of ready-to-go tests from our library and bespoke assessments that allow Salary Finance to identify exactly what makes a good candidate for them.

We enable Salary Finance to perform a remote screen to check for hard skills before progressing candidates to a face-to-face interview with the engineering managers, where they run through the soft skills and competency-based elements.

The ShowTech team are really responsive, the platform is robust, and the assessments offered the necessary level of flexibility to ensure that we were able to drill down on the things that we believe separate good candidates from the rest and make them right for us

Tristan Phillips, Head of Engineering at Salary Finance

This ensures that Salary Finance's hiring managers have confidence in each candidates' technical abilities when they sit down for a face-to-face interview. This reduces the amount of time wasted by both candidates and hiring managers when there isn't a good match, which means the process is optimised for everyone.

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