Evaluate Tech Talent
on Your Terms

At ShowTech, we want to make your life easier, by automating the crucial but time-consuming elements of the tech recruitment process; validating knowledge, ability and attitude. We can support you by assessing candidates efficiently and with rigour, so you can make better tech hires whatever the role.

We provide you with the tools and data needed to make quick data driven decisions about your tech talent. But you aren't limited to just recruitment, you can also use us for team development or succession planning.

Delivering Great Insights

Get complete flexibility to create assessments using a range of question types, that can be shaped around what you want to see from a candidate. This gives you the ability to assess, select and hire with confidence.

Raw Programming Ability

Evaluate algorithmic ability in all major software languages. Capture and play back solutions to gain insights into your candidates' style and thought process.

Subject Matter Expertise

Measure candidates depth and breadth of knowledge in key technologies, to establish their grasp of the fundamental concepts essential to the role.

Problem Solving

Gain insight into your candidates cognitive ability. Order and sequence questions to replicate multifaceted, real-world problems or tasks that are relevant to that job role.


Through free text and video questions, assess candidates ability to simply explain complex ideas and evaluate how they share their own thoughts and opinions.

Cultural Fit

Insightful assessments that can uncover a candidates perceived versus actual ability, and highlights their preferences and values that underpin cultural fit.

Create Your Own

Use your expertise and create assessments using our range of question types, shaped around what you feel fits the job spec and what you're looking for.

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Flexible, Rapid, Data-driven Shortlisting

Insights from our online assessments means you can quickly and easily dig into relative strengths across your candidates, create shortlists and spend time interviewing those that meet your job spec.

How good are your candidates?

Our intelligent reporting gives everything from a simple sense check to comprehensive insights on your candidates. This means you can personalise each interview, maximising the potential for actionable insight whilst supporting structured decision making.
Summary at a glance

Get an overview of all your candidates results so you can focus on those that meet your spec. A top-down view of individual performance highlights a candidates strengths, weaknesses and potential areas you might want to explore further during an interview.

Question-level insight

Our reports give you a more meaningful and deeper understanding of your candidates answers through our activity timeline, which calls out key events such as time away from the assessment, pasting answers and any other notable behaviour.

Replayable questions

Our video, practical code challenges and free-text questions can be played back to give you a window into your candidates' thought process, attitude and so much more. This can replace paired coding and live technical interviews traditionally used to screen candidates.