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We started out in 2014 with a mission to change the way companies recruit tech talent. We'd been at the sharp end of the recruitment process ourselves and felt the more traditional methods of going from a long list to a shortlist of candidates didn't do anyone any favours, employers or the candidates.

What makes a good tech hire?

We set out to understand what makes a good hire and how you can replicate that in a way that puts the candidate at the centre and is free from unconscious bias. We believe an ideal tech candidate can demonstrate subject matter expertise, put it into practice, has a passion to keep learning and can gel with their team.

From humble beginnings, assessing knowledge through multiple choice assessments we built out the ability for candidates to problem solve and write code. We soon added video and free text questions to give employers the ability to ask scenario or competency-based questions.

Fast forward to 2019 we rebrand from Technically Compatible/Tungl to ShowTech... as we now offer a 360 degree view of candidate's ability and interpersonal skills, and we need a brand that reflected who we now are.

Employers can make data driven hiring decisions like never before. They can automate and gamify validating skills replacing the dreaded paper-based tests and do away with time consuming phone screens. Maybe one day they may even ditch the CV itself... we can but dream my friends.

What this means is that employers can quickly identify their tech talent early on in recruitment and candidates... well they have a much better experience, they're assessed on something actually reflective of the role.

Who are we?

We're enabling great candidates to set themselves apart.

We're empowering employers to hire with confidence.

We're revolutionising recruitment, one assessment at a time.

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